Staying Healthy

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On Monday 9th we had a visit from the Mellors Catering nutritionist to talk about balanced diets, what food we all need to help us stay fit and healthy and what we should try to eat less of. A good reminder for us all just before Christmas with all the extra treats and temptations on offer!

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Last week some of our pupils (along with Mrs Pike and Mrs Harland) planted many daffodil bulbs in and around our school grounds. The bulbs were donated by Bedale town council and the children discussed through the school council where we could plant them so our local community could enjoy them when the burst through in Spring. Keep your eyes open for them in a few months!

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Rivers2 U Visit

Posted by bedaleprimaryschool on Thursday Nov 28, 2019 Under Years 5 and 6

Year Fiver enjoyed the visit of the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust Rivers2 U van on Tuesday 26th November.

We were able use their stream tray to develop our understanding about different river features as well as learn more about the different rivers in our local area. We also learnt more about flooding and about how in some areas of North Yorkshire beavers are being reintroduced to try and help reduce floods down steam. BBC News link.

The Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust use volunteers to help manage rivers in Yorkshire. If you are interested, you can find more information at If any of our parents/carers have done this, we’d like to know about your experiences in supporting our local environment.

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Girls’ Football 2019

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With intermittent downpours and brief dry spells, it was a question of whether the tournament would take place this afternoon. Thankfully, it was. The girls performed superbly well considering the majority or the team having minimal footballing experience. They dug deep and battled hard for each other through the whole afternoon.

By the half way point, Bedale were top of the table having beat Pickhill and RAF Leeming 7-0 and 4-0 respectively.

After a short break, the real tests began against Crakehall and Richmond Methodist. Both were gruelling games and unfortunately, we fell short both times with 2-0 and 3-2 defeats.

The results meant that Bedale finished 3rd and in this case, will not be progressing through. However, the girls did our school proud and had a wonderful time. They didn’t even feel the cold!

Goal scorers – Lili with 9 goals, Kyra with 3 goals and Bailey-Ann with 1.  

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Hindu Day

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India – a country full of bright clothing and vibrant colours and flavours. On our Indian morning (Wednesday 6th November), we tasted some delicious, mouth-watering food. We also acted out a Hindu story of Rama and Sita with the help of Mrs Singh (one of our expert visitors) and tried out traditional dancing as well.

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Bedale Museum

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What a week the Year 3s have had. On Thursday morning, the children of year 3 walked into Bedale and visited the museum at Bedale Hall.

The children (and adults) learned so much about the town’s history and really enjoyed the quaint items that the museum had to offer.

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Pizza Making!

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Year 3 had a very exciting afternoon on Wednesday creating their own pizza as an end to our Science topic of nutrition and food. As part of the curriculum, children should be working hygienically and explore a range of savoury dishes that they can cook.

As you can see, the children had loads of fun!

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Reeth Visit

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If you enjoy the great outdoor world, if you love exploring beautiful shimmering rivers, then you would have wished you came with us on our amazing Year Five trip to the River Swale. I know lots more facts after our visit to the river, but how much do you know about rivers? Come with me uncovering the little facts about the amazing River Swale, near Reeth

Clambering off the bus with excitement, we all collected our maps. Twisting and turning the maps, we found the exact place we were at. In our long line of people, we made our way across the small road and steadily walked down into the u-shaped valley. Once we had all calmed down a bit, we caught our first glimpse of the river, which made us all excited again. Soon after, we saw part of the “swing bridge”, standing tall and proud over the River Swale.

A couple of strides down the path, we got to the steep steps to the bridge. Did you know that it was built in 1920 and knocked down in 1999 by a flood and was rebuilt in 2002? While we were all crossing the bridge it was wobbling about so much I thought I was going to fall off. Clinging hold of my clipboard, I looked down and it was terrifying to see how far up we were. Once we had got across we went and sat on a river cliff (a place where the river has bashed against the side of the river and washed parts of it away). Mr Hartley-Haw explained all the things we would be doing. The first task was to find features around the river that were on our sheets. Like explorers setting off on an adventure, we went through the first part together then split into groups. My group finished first. After that we had a bite to eat!

Once we had lunch, we did a river investigation. We had two cones for the orange that we threw in to the river to float across to. We timed it. There were three sites – the fastest was site B. As well as this we did a field sketch of the bridge and features around it.

The “Swing Bridge” over the River Swale

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Our exciting trip to Reeth was great. You and your family would love to go to the River Swale. Even if you don’t like the outdoors, then you would love it in the small village. What will you discover?

Maisie M

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The Millings

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On Wednesday the 3rd of July the children from Early Years went to visit the ‘The Millings’. They were very excited to find lots of mysterious creatures hidden in the grounds. These included fairies, underwater animals and minibeasts which had been kindly created by the residents. We went on a hunt to see what we could find, before sitting down to make our own jellyfish from paper cups and multi-coloured wool. Many thanks to Sandy and her team for organising this visit and making us feel so welcome. It was a great opportunity for the children to meet people in the local community.

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Cluster Rounders – June 2019

Posted by mrjholmes on Friday Jun 21, 2019 Under Years 3 and 4, Years 5 and 6

Yesterday, years 4, 5 and 6 travelled the short distance to Bedale High School to participate in the annual Cluster Rounders Tournament.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon, especially with the lovely sunshine and all the children who took part played brilliantly; following rules, showing good sportsmanship and all being really supportive and encouraging.

Proudly, we came 3rd place in the upper key stage 2 side and 4th in the lower key stage 2 side. That is a fantastic effort considering there hasn’t been much good weather to practise.

Well done everyone.

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