Sublime Seascapes

Posted by bedaleblog on Wednesday Jun 9, 2021 Under Art, Years 1 and 2

Last half term in Year 1, we painted some wonderful seascapes in the style of local artist Jim Wright. We learnt how to make tints and shades of blue by adding white and black to the primary colour. We explored how we can use paintbrushes and our fingers to add textures to the sea, we loved getting our hands messy! šŸ˜€
We then emailed Mr Wright with a picture of our paintings and today he has replied! He said…

Well, thank you all for letting me see these amazing paintings. I hope you really enjoyed painting them as much as I have studying them. They all have so much energy and have have lovely bright colours that remind me of a very sunny day. Sometimes when too many coloursĀ Ā are mixed together the colour can turn muddy, but all of these paintings have beautiful fresh colours with great tints and shades. I also like theĀ Ā clouds that have that bright fluffy quality.
The white on top looks really crisp and clear over the bands of colour. I try to achieve this in my paintings by working in layers, leaving each one to dry before applying the next.”

How beautiful!

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