Water-way to have a good time (y5/6 homework update)

Posted by bedaleprimaryschool on Saturday Oct 13, 2018 Under Years 5 and 6

Thank you – we’ve already had some examples of this half term’s topic homework returned. The children will be sharing their work with each other in the final week before the holiday. Please hand your project work in on or before Monday 22nd October. We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with!

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Level 1 cluster tournament

Posted by mrjholmes on Thursday Oct 11, 2018 Under Years 3 and 4

Thursday 11th October was the day of the eagerly awaited Level 1 cluster tournament.

Bedale took 2 teams again this year and each of them performed superbly well.

Some excellent team work and sportsmanship shown throughout so the boys should be very proud of themselves.

Unfortunately, neither team managed to come away as victors with both having to face each other in a semi final. The team that got through to the final came agonisingly close several times within the game but could only draw 0-0 and the result of penalties went the  against us, as luck was just in the hands of RAF Leeming.

Rightly so, Bedale will be able to attend the next level in  a few weeks time with one team.

Team 1 results and scorers followed by Team 2…

W 3-0 v Masham (Rowan, Harley S, Jake)

W 4-0 v KBSTW (Harley x2, Jake x2)

W 2-0 v Burneston (Kieran x2)

W 6-1 v Hunton Arrathorne (Jake x2, Rowan x2, Kieran, Harley)

SEMI W 6-0 v Bedale (Harley, Remy, Jake x2, Kieran, Rowan)


L 0-1 v RAF Leeming

W 3-0 v Masham 2 (Kayden, Harley R, Seth)

W 5-0 v Leeming Londonderry/Pickhill (Niko x3! Kayden, Harley)

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Shared Reading

Posted by mrjholmes on Wednesday Oct 10, 2018 Under Years 3 and 4, Years 5 and 6

On Monday, Mr Holmes’ class had a bit of a treat. The children from Mr Hartley-Haw’s have been busy writing up about their trip to Reeth and wanted to share their excellent recounts.

The year 4s were extremely impressed with their work and so was Mr Holmes. They definitely sounded like they enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot at the same time.

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Swale Study

Posted by bedaleprimaryschool on Saturday Oct 6, 2018 Under Years 5 and 6

Our Y5 and Y6 classes visited the River Swale near Reeth this week as part of their geography topic. While we were there we found some of the river features we have been learning about in class, drew field sketches and measured the flow rate at various parts of the river. It was cold, it was windy but it was fun!

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Year 3/4 morning with the food caterer, Mellors

Posted by mrjholmes on Tuesday Oct 2, 2018 Under Years 3 and 4

The children of year 3 and 4 got to enjoy some learning and tasting with our new caterers.

Did you know that a banana should be eaten when black? This is because it contains more good sugars and tastes sweeter too.

We learnt more about Fair-trading which is our current English topic and tried some delicious treats along the way, including cinder toffee which was made in front of us!

While we were listening carefully, the chef was cooking a Mozambican styled curry and to everyone’s delight, we got to enjoy a portion.

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Taste of India

Posted by bedaleprimaryschool on Thursday Sep 20, 2018 Under Years 5 and 6

Years Five and Six got a delicious taste of India on Monday when one of the Mellor’s Catering team came in to demonstrate how to rustle up a delicious curry. The children heard a little about the background of curry dishes in the UK and watched as two were created in front of their eyes. We all then got to taste them! What a treat…

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River deep, mountain high…

Posted by bedaleprimaryschool on Thursday Sep 20, 2018 Under Years 5 and 6

As part of our geography topic on rivers this term we have been carrying out lots of work on maps, including locating the longest rivers in the UK. This week we have been learning about contour lines and created our own maps and models, which you can see some of here.

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Y5/6 House Athletics

Posted by bedaleprimaryschool on Tuesday Jul 17, 2018 Under Years 5 and 6

We held our House Athletics tournament today with four events: distance throwing, standing long jump, relay and target throw. Points were awarded to each team for their efforts, with Hird (despite having fewer team members) coming out on top with 2250 points! Well done. Here are the final standings:

Hird: 2250

Chantry: 2100

Wycar: 1980

Amen: 1950

Well done to everyone who took part.

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House Competition – Athletics

Posted by mrjholmes on Monday Jul 16, 2018 Under Years 3 and 4

Our final House competition took place today. Members from Hird were excited at the prospect of winning again which would mean they’d have won all the sporting events this year.

The events for our athletics competition were: Standing long jump, a sprint, a relay race and a throw.

The winners of each event as follows:

Throw: Ben from Chantry
Jump: Shona from Amen
Sprint: Hayden from Hird
Relay: Kayden, Jamie, Josh R and Aston from Wycar

Thank you to all the 9 year 6 helpers who measured the times and organised the event today.


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