And Relax…

Posted by bedaleblog on Wednesday Jun 9, 2021 Under Clubs, Years 1 and 2

Today in Year 1 we started Yoga club. We learnt how yoga and mindfulness can go together to help us feel calm and our bodies strong.
If you would like to explore how yoga can help you, follow this fun link to Cosmic Kids.

Mollie said “Yoga is good for making our bodies strong. When we breathe in yellow and breathe out pink it helps us to be calm”

Why don’t you have a go at colour breathing too…

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Sublime Seascapes

Posted by bedaleblog on Wednesday Jun 9, 2021 Under Art, Years 1 and 2

Last half term in Year 1, we painted some wonderful seascapes in the style of local artist Jim Wright. We learnt how to make tints and shades of blue by adding white and black to the primary colour. We explored how we can use paintbrushes and our fingers to add textures to the sea, we loved getting our hands messy! 😀
We then emailed Mr Wright with a picture of our paintings and today he has replied! He said…

Well, thank you all for letting me see these amazing paintings. I hope you really enjoyed painting them as much as I have studying them. They all have so much energy and have have lovely bright colours that remind me of a very sunny day. Sometimes when too many colours  are mixed together the colour can turn muddy, but all of these paintings have beautiful fresh colours with great tints and shades. I also like the  clouds that have that bright fluffy quality.
The white on top looks really crisp and clear over the bands of colour. I try to achieve this in my paintings by working in layers, leaving each one to dry before applying the next.”

How beautiful!
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Amazing Artists

Posted by bedaleblog on Friday May 14, 2021 Under Art, EYFS

In Early Years we were all artists and have been learning about Lucy Pittaway. We sent her our paintings and well done to Darcey and Charlotte who she picked for a prize!

Well done everyone for trying hard with your paintings. Congratulations to our two winners! Well done 🙂
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Children in Need

Posted by bedaleblog on Sunday Nov 15, 2020 Under EYFS, PSHCE, Sports News, Uncategorized

We all had a wonderful time on Friday raising money for a great cause, Children in Need. Throughout school the children took part in active challenges including Joe Wicks 24 Hour Children in Need Challenge.
Thank you for all your kind donations, they are much appreciated.

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Imagine a bonfire…

Posted by bedaleblog on Friday Nov 6, 2020 Under English

For those who may not have experienced a bonfire event last night, Year 3 have used their imagination to transport us there within their English work. What great writing from Leya, Ethan, Ruby and Kane.

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Bonfire Night

Posted by bedaleblog on Thursday Nov 5, 2020 Under Art, English, EYFS

Although Bonfire Night is a little different this year, Early Years have been exploring the use of colour to create their own wonderful firework paintings. They even wrote some super poems to describe what they could see.

In Forest Schools, Year One have been discussing why it is important to keep safe near fires and enjoyed creating their own sparklers using sticks and glitter. They then used their senses to describe what it might be like at a bonfire event. Here is a great example from Athena…

“I was in a green field. I looked up and saw sparkly fireworks. I could smell a smoky bright fire and I could hear the logs crackling. I felt warm in my cosy coat it was fluffy on my body. The people are watching the bonfire and the children are waving the sparkly sparklers.”

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Hello Yellow!

Posted by bedaleblog on Friday Oct 9, 2020 Under English, PSHCE

Today we took part in Hello Yellow, we all wore something yellow to support World Mental Health Day. As part of our English work Year 1 have been reading The Colour Monster and exploring different feelings. We have written poems using our senses to remind us of the things that make us feel happy. We also read the story That’s When I’m Happy 🙂

Here is a great example from Lacey…
” Happy is bright yellow
It tastes like vanilla ice cream
It sounds like me and my brother laughing
It looks like a colourful rainbow
It smells like a pretty flower
It feels like my cuddly owl. ”

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Spot anything familiar?

Posted by bedaleprimaryschool on Saturday Feb 22, 2020 Under Uncategorized

Year Five pupils – can you spot anything familiar in this photograph from the Hawes National Park Centre?

“We were very impressed with the pupils’ knowledge of the individual peaks and the history surrounding them. It was good to see that they also encouraged people to stay safe and respect the countryside. I would like to say very well done to you all.

Fran Coates, Manager.

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Year Five Art

Posted by bedaleprimaryschool on Thursday Feb 13, 2020 Under Uncategorized
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Chinese Dance

Posted by bedaleprimaryschool on Saturday Jan 18, 2020 Under Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4, Years 5 and 6

Across the whole school, we got a chance to try some traditional Chinese dance in the run-up to Chinese New Year on Saturday 25th January. In the coming days and weeks we will be learning more about this throughout the school after being inspired by our taste of Chinese culture.

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